Thursday, April 09, 2009

No Nukes Again: Quote of the Day

Rarely has a Presidential speech been so immediately and transparently divorced from reality as Mr. Obama's in Prague. The President delivered a stirring call to banish nuclear weapons at the very moment that North Korea and Iran are bidding to trigger the greatest proliferation breakout in the nuclear age. Mr. Obama also proposed an elaborate new arms-control regime to reduce nuclear weapons, even as both Pyongyang and Tehran are proving that the world's great powers lack the will to enforce current arms-control treaties….The Nuclear Illusionist: Obama’s ‘Moral Authority’ Won’t Deter Teheran or Pyongyang, Editors, The Wall Street Journal, 4/7/2009

Repetition of old saws about this kind of thing apparently don’t help. The President and his princes and princesses don’t hear them.


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