Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Obama and His Audience: Quote of the Day

At present the world is watching, probing, and digesting the Obama presidency. But it has already concluded that Obama is nourished by applause and will work to maintain it — not merely for personal gratification, but because he realizes that loud public endorsement is essential to his perpetual candidacy, given its absence of experience and sagacity….President of the World, Victor Davis Hanson, National Review, 4/15/2009

The difference between an actor and an amateur who loves the sound of his own voice is that, from the former, you’ll get the authentic presentation of a character, while from the latter you’ll only get an impression of a fraud. Hanson has no doubt about where this will go, and you should use the link to look at the whole essay.

President Obama will get his much-needed praise and adulation abroad, and Americans will finally be somewhat admired for a while. And thereafter, there will be real hell to pay — either abject U.S. appeasement as the world heats up, or some sort of frantic eleventh-hour hyper-response to restore stability and lost deterrence…just watch…(President of the World, Hanson, National Review…(cont’d))

What the amateur doesn't know is that, when the audience requires a real character onstage, they aren't patient. Even in polite theaters in New York, people will walk out on a con job.


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Anonymous said...

I think Hanson may have hit the nail on the head here.