Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sarkozy on Obama: Sour Grapes? Or Disappointment with the Vintage?

Mr Sarkozy is pouring cold water on President Obama's efforts to recast American leadership on the world stage, depicting them as unoriginal, unsubstantial and overrated….The American President's call "to free the world of the menace of a nuclear nightmare" was hot air, Mr Sarkozy's diplomatic staff told him in a report. "It was rhetoric – not a speech on American security policy but an export model aimed at improving the image of the United States"…Most of Mr Obama's proposals had already been made by the Bush administration and Washington was dragging its feet…, the leaked report said.Nicolas Sarkozy puts Barack Obama in the doghouse, Jason Reed, Charles Bremner, Times Online, 4/16/09

Just like the French! You try your damnedest to fit in, go through the Berlitz two-week special in the language, practice with your smart and charming spouse, go to a few wine tastings, study up on the politics of socialism and surrender, and what happens? The Frenchman berates your effort, laughs at your accent, describes your taste in wine as barbaric, and calls you a fake.


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