Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tea Party: In Case You Missed It, Here’s Why

When thousands of people in all 50 states assemble to protest government policy, you might suppose that this is news. Not according to the coverage on the front pages of the Washington Post, the New York Times, or the Wall Street Journal. The “tea party” rallies went unmentioned. In Washington, D.C., despite temperatures in the 40s and a driving rain, about a thousand demonstrators assembled across from the White House on April 15. The front page of the Times the next day found space for a big story with accompanying pictures of public demonstrations in Kabul, Afghanistan, but not a word about the American protestors….CNN Versus the Tea Parties, Mona Charen, National Review, 4/17/2009

Ahh, but of course! Finding yet another reason to attack American and NATO involvement in Afghanistan was more important than anything happening in America itself.
But wait! Somebody did cover one tea party protest.

Susan Roesgen, who “covered” the Chicago tea party for CNN, was downright confrontational with attendees she interviewed, challenging a protestor who referred to Abraham Lincoln with “What does this have to do with taxes?” The man attempted to explain. But the reporter interrupted him. “Did you know that you are eligible for a $400 rebate? Did you know that your state, the state of Lincoln, gets $50 billion from the stimulus? That’s $50 billion for your state.” She then tossed back to the anchor, remarking, “This is clearly not family viewing.”…(CNN Versus the Tea Parties, Charen…(cont’d))

In other words, make like General Motors management: take your bribe and shut up!

Is there anything more predictable than a White House toady working at CNN as a “reporter”? Read the rest of Mona Charen's story at the link.


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