Wednesday, January 11, 2006

American Film Renaissance

Making use of their extremely high-tech website search algorithm (aka "random surfing"), the intrepid Elves of HazZzmat have uncovered an astonishing website that aims to take Hollywood's flavor of the culture wars and re-season it to look more like the rest of America. Here's how the founders tell their story:
In 2003, then-law students Jim Hubbard and Ellen Gard made a routine trip to their local art house movie theater for a much-needed study break. Their options? Frida, a critically acclaimed biopic about a Marxist painter; The Life of David Gale, an anti-capital punishment polemic; and Bowling For Columbine, Michael Moore's fact-challenged assault on gun rights.

Jim and Ellen's decision? Skip the movies that day and attempt the impossible: create the American Film Renaissance, the first-ever film festival formed expressly to celebrate the timeless principles of individual freedom that made America great. In September 2004 AFR held its debut in Dallas, Texas, attracting some 4,000 attendees and media coverage from around the world.
Right answer, Jim and Ellen. (They also got married. What a concept!) Check out the rest of their site here. We'll add them to our list of friendly web sites and encourage you to explore further. Finally, an antidote to Michael Moore-itis.

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