Monday, January 30, 2006

Chocolate City, Take Two...

Speaking of manipulating the language, how about let's manipulate a whole story?
The [Louisville, Ky] Courier-Journal’s ombudsperson has an article about the Ray Nagin “Chocolate City” comments. The paper had changed the mayor's characterization to “a majority African American city.” Why?

The short answer: We messed up.It's not a monumental goof, but it's one that fuels suspicions some readers have about the news media in general and this newspaper in particular. That's why I'm addressing it today.

A copy editor who worked on the first day's wire story paraphrased Nagin's remarks because he did not want to give offense to readers.
A hat-tip to Jim Lileks. Read the rest here, along with some pithy comments on racist cartoonist Aaron McGruder, who'd already have been strung up if he were a white guy. Ditto for the copyeditor above if he were, say, "reinterpreting" a comment by Trent Lott.

Leftists can be highly disciplined when maintaining their traditional double standards.

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