Sunday, January 29, 2006

High Church Karl Marx

Commenting on the ongoing assault by the left on Western government and culture, Belmont Club's Wretchard observes:
The West is menaced not only by its declining fertility but by an assault on its intellectual core. We have become as the Ancients whose ideas of freedom went on to illuminate distant generations, but not their own descendants, who hastened to embrace the following dark.
He presents an interesting side-by-side table, comparing the hysterical feminist reaction to Lawrence Summers' observations on gender to the high-priest's reaction to the words of Jesus Christ, concluding that by "declaring blasphemey," i.e., enforcing political correctness, one effectively ends any possibility for meaningful argument. Whic, of course, is the point of the intellectual and political thugs who do this.

Read the whole thing via the link above.

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