Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Make Mine Chocolate!

Hizzoner Ray Nagin, so-called Mayor of the Crescent City, is at it again, this time dissing the whites who voted for him in significant numbers and siding with the Islamofascists to boot by suggesting that Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath were Divine Punishment for the Bush Administration's evil ways. MSNBC reports blithely on the aftermath, opening with the following graf:
NEW ORLEANS - Mayor Ray Nagin apologized Tuesday for a Martin Luther King Day speech in which he predicted that New Orleans would be a “chocolate” city once more and asserted that “God was mad at America.”
Yep, Nagin quickly apologized, so the press will probably chortle for a day or so and leave him alone. MSNBC is quick to let him off the hook.

Can you imagine what would have happened had, say, Trent Lott endorsed turning New Orleans into a "vanilla" city, or maybe progressively suggesting that they split the difference and turn it into a swirl cone?

Silver lining for Nagin. Once they oust him as mayor in the next election, he can probably count on being hired as a spokesperson for Hershey.

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