Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Wisconsin Voter Fraud, Take 2...

This from Hugh Hewitt:
Wisconsin, not Ohio, was ground zero for voter fraud in 2004. Because that fraud helped put a state in the blue column, it has gone unreported.
Yep. So was Pennsylvania, mainly in Philadelphia, which was also the case in Y2K. As Hewitt states in his short piece, the Wisconsin cases haven't gotten much attention, though, since they "went blue." If they'd gone "red" you can bet they'd have gotten the Ohio treatment for sure.

Read Hugh's piece and follow both links, although the Wisconsin State Journal's moral equivalency on a related issue, rolled out in the third last graf of the linked piece, is typical. Count those votes until they come out right. That's the Dems' mantra. Always has been, always will be. It's the kind of arrogance they still can't distance themselves from. The kind of arrogance that always grows from a sense of entitlement and an unchallenged ability to shape the media message. HazZzmat vows to do its part to bring this long, sordid chapter to an end.

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