Monday, January 09, 2006

Kayo that "Day-O" Guy

You gotta love that Harry Belafonte. They guy has really flipped his lid over George W. Bush.


Yahoo! News reports Belafonte's latest pro-Communist lunacy:
CARACAS, Venezuela - The American singer and activist Harry Belafonte called President Bush "the greatest terrorist in the world" on Sunday and said millions of Americans support the socialist revolution of Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez.
Belafonte, it seems, is out to rob La Streisand of her Moonbat 06 crown with this pre-emptive strike of illogic. But wait, there's more:
Belafonte led a delegation of Americans including the actor Danny Glover and the Princeton University scholar Cornel West that met the Venezuelan president for more than six hours late Saturday. Some in the group attended Chavez's television and radio broadcast Sunday. "No matter what the greatest tyrant in the world, the greatest terrorist in the world, George W. Bush says, we're here to tell you: Not hundreds, not thousands, but millions of the American people ... support your revolution," Belafonte told Chavez during the broadcast.

Millions? Really? Guess we'd class this with Noam Chomsky's phony deathcounts numbering in the millions in Afghanistan, or with the MSM's "over 10,000 dead" factoid describing the essentially non-existent carnage (on that scale at least) in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Hey, never purturb these guys with the facts, especially when they get a friendly audience with the Western Hemisphere's newest top Commie. Does this escapade, also featuring leftists like movie star Danny Glover and academic poseur Cornel West remind you a bit of Hanoi Jane's antics during 'Nam where she consorted with our enemies so as to destabilize our armed forces and foreign policy?
The 78-year-old Belafonte, famous for his calypso-inspired music, including the "Day-O" song, was a close collaborator of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and is now a UNICEF goodwill ambassador. He also has been outspoken in criticizing the U.S. embargo of Cuba.
Ah, now we get to the truth of the matter. Crushed by the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Communist monolith, distraught leftists for the past 10-15 years have been looking for another negative utopia upon which to pin their collectivist hats, and they have, no doubt, found one in the crooked UN.

Make no mistake. The hard left has always believed in the dictatorship of the proletariat, in spite of the fact that each and every one of those dictatorships has ended up as bad, and usually worse, than the oligarchical ones they replaced. Let's face it: mankind is often not the kind of beast you can always be proud of, and there's a scoundrel ready to pilot any political movement into something highly destructive. Marx never understood that this is how his proposed enterprise would end as well. It's the genius of American capitalism that it tends to be self-correcting, purging outright crooks every so often and trying to keep the capitalist game as clean and open as is humanly possible.

Bitter Marxists like Belafonte refuse to recognize this and now seek some kind of World Government to replace the one they thought was going to be run from Moscow. Given the utter corruption and uselessness of the Third World driven UN, you'd think our entertainment geniuses would see the light. But that is presupposing intelligence, something that this aging singer seems to have in very short supply.

Meanwhile, La Streisand continues her nonstop blathering in a similar vein. As a Conservative, the Wonk has to continuously restrain himself from indulging in equal and opposite rhetoric after withstanding these kinds of ill-conceived and poorly aimed verbal mortar rounds. As infuriating as this kind of infantile nonsense can be, and as damaging as it is to our morale, our safety, and our security, it's probably best to let the morons of Hollywood and the entertainment business prattle on, preening and fulminating with clearly Marxist-inspired sloganeering and propaganda devoid of all intellectual content. For the more they pound the table, the more transparent their fraudulent views are to Joe Sixpack and his friends. Belafonte, Glover, Streisand, and even West have already amassed more sheer wealth than most Americans have ever seen. Like the good capitalists that they are, they're not to part from it, and probably rationalize that it buys their skewed, vindictive points of view some measure of respect that this nonsense might otherwise lack.

In the end, whether it's Belafonte, Streisand, or the legions of Bush haters who support the leftwing blogs, all these numskulls are doing is digging a very deep grave for anyone who associates with them. Their adolescent, uninformed view deserve no respect in spite of their own inflated self-opinions.

And ironically, it is their sheer intemperance that is finally bringing the institutional, Idiotarian left to the Eve of its own Destruction.

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