Sunday, January 29, 2006

Some Dare Call It Treason

Interesting observation in today's Power Line, regarding the ongoing hypocrisy-fest being waged against the Bush Administration by the New York Times, re: the NSA surveillance "scandal":
...James Risen, Eric Lichtblau and everyone else at the Times involved in the publication of the NSA surveillance story have engaged in conduct violative of the federal espionage laws. Yet the Times has never even acknowledged its own legal jeopardy. John concludes with a point close to my heart:

[I]t is worth mentioning that Lichtblau and Liptak purport to sit in judgment on the legality of the administration's conduct, without ever noting the fact that Lichtblau and the Times itself unquestionably violated federal law by publishing leaks about the NSA program. In the world of the antique media, illegality requires no explanation if it is directed against the Bush administration.

Every word the Times now publishes about the NSA surveillance story is deeply compromised by a conflict of interest that the Times has yet to acknoweledge.
Yep. Conflict of interest, all right. And, would you believe, treason?

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