Friday, January 27, 2006

Mozart's Birthday

The problem with holding a day job is that your employer actually expects you to do something for that fat, undeserved paycheck. Unless you're tenured in the Federal government, the public school system, or academia, of course. So obviously light blogging today. Wonk is up to his eyeballs in the complexities of capitalism.

But lest we forget, it is Mozart's Birthday today. Happy 250th, Amadeus!

Wonker and Mrs. Wonker will be attending a special concert at the Austrian Embassy tonight in Mozart's honor. For once, we'll be delighted to celebrate Old Europe.

Have a good weekend, and consider dining tonight to a CD of Mozart's piano or chamber music. Your life will improve. Civilization will be enhanced. Conversation will be possible. Wine will be appropriate.

Heavy metal just doesn't cut it for a Romantic dinner. Mozart obviously knew this. Now you do, too.


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