Monday, January 30, 2006

Wonkette, Take Two

The latest in Wonkette's transgendered makeover. Gotta say this for the new, er, guys, their entries have kicked the intellectual content of this site up a notch. Although they're still pretty obviously Democrats, and confess they're not used to seeing straphangers read The Washington Times. (So, get over it already.)

Note the umbrella, undoubtedly supplied by the Pinkos of Code Pink. We told you the left was duplicitous. Have you any further doubts? This is the most bizarre makeover since Miss Lonelyhearts turned out to be a guy.

All of which leads us to a curious thought. Where are the feminazi critics of this all-male power grab? Oh, that's right. Although they are craftily wearing ties, the boys are clearly not Republicans. Never mind.

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