Friday, March 19, 2010

DC Singing Chicago-Land Blues

This interesting chart, from the website of Americans for Prosperity, illustrates better than I've yet seen just how this administration either has Congress do its dirty work, or--more importantly when it won't--this administration simply bypasses elective representatives to "govern" by fiat, Politburo style.  (Click or double-click the image for a larger version of the chart.)

After trying to explain to Obamamaniacs just who it was they were voting for in 2008, I finally decided to just sit back and "go Galt." It's taken us only a year and a half from "The One's" inauguration for the blinders to fall off. The MSM wanted everyone to "make history." Well, they did, except they didn't know it would come at the price of permanent joblessness and/or underemployment for nearly 20% of the population and the imposition of Euro-style failed socialism, courtesy of the bi-coastal elites with whip-cracking from the Chicago Thugocracy. The chart above shows you how this works. No wonder these clowns diss the Supremes whenever they can. They still don't have control of the Third Branch of government, which would make their tyranny complete.

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