Saturday, March 20, 2010

Quotations from Chairman Nancy

The Truth always hurts

Here's a wonderful liveblog photo (via Tigerhawk) of an absolutely GREAT poster featuring House Chairman Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a PhotoShopped pose that totally suits her approach to democracy.

Trapped at my keyboard writing reviews today, I've had to miss the anti-Obamacare demo downtown in DC. So when I need a break, I furtively troll the web looking for photoblogging. Estimates of the crowd near the capitol building range from 25-25K. Not bad for a sunny Saturday afternoon down here, although not going to break any records either.

Righties on various sites are rejoicing that the House Dems have apparently decided to abandon their "deem and pass" vote evasion scam, figuring this augurs well for the bill's defeat. I'm not so sure.

Dems have no principals in pursuit of their leftist ideology. So the way I figure it, they wouldn't have dropped this base subterfuge unless they actually had the votes to pass this ObamaNation of a bill.

On the other hand, it ain't over 'til it's over.

On the third hand, when this is over, it still won't be over. The devil's in the details, and dimes to donuts (whatever that means), there's unconstitutional stuff hiding in this bill that will be tied up in the courts for at least half a decade. Don't laugh. Eco-freaks have tied up nuclear power plant construction in the courts for DECADES. This country is loaded with lawyers who want to get rich. And this bill in its current form is a full employment act for America's attorneys, believe me.

Stay tuned.

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