Friday, March 26, 2010

Trouble off Korea -- Will Obama Bow to North Korean Thug?

Today, a South Korean ship has been sunk. South Korean officials suspect North Korea of torpedoing their ship...the South Korean navy has fired on "unidentified ships in the direction of North Korea...With China holding so much U.S. debt, and given our president's history of dealing with our enemies while humiliating our allies, what will be the U.S. response if/when tensions between North and South Korea escalate?.. Blast Sinks South Korean Ship, Shannon Moore, American Thinker, 3/26/10

It's astonishing that such a question would even be asked. To suggest that an American chief of state might ignore a treaty arrangement to defend an ally to kowtow to the Chinese? Wow. Well, one wouldn't say wow if he or she had paid attention to the policy of this administration. Based on that record, it's very likely that the President will side with North Korea's claims on what is a blatant act of war on an American ally.

What do you suppose he'll do if Iran drops an atomic bomb on Tel Aviv? Not for nothing that this administration is described as "post-American." They sure don't represent any interests this writer recognizes as American.


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