Friday, March 26, 2010

Leftism as a form of Mental Retardation

Here in California, professors are on furloughs each month, prisoners are being released, teachers pink-slipped, and 3,500 leaving the state each week. Our schools are rated 47-49th in the nation, but we employ America’s highest paid teachers, and level the highest state, gas and income taxes in the United States — and yet we have not a shred of introspection over how we managed to have the highest taxes, the highest paid teachers and the worst schools...As Predictable as the Sun Rising, Victor Davis Hanson, 3/26/2010

He's right about government workers. The writer works in a state school and is appalled that none of his colleagues or bosses seem aware that New York is tottering under an incompetent governor, a fractured state Senate, a state legislature dominated by a man whose perfidy rivals that of the 19th century's Rosco Conkling, and tax revenues plunging faster than an airliner without wings. We are in deep stuff and nobody notices. On Titanic, as the water level rose, and the pitch of the deck increased, everybody knew they were going down. Not here. Those people in Queens can afford higher property taxes, an aging gangstress who works in the same office declared one day. Those rich people in Scarsdale can afford to pay higher income taxes, her compatriot said. The aging gangstress caught her breath and sat down at her desk for more work, about two and a half hours of an online farming game, interrupted by two phone call requests from one of her bosses, which she ended by saying "it's not my job."
Try that at AT&T. Try that at any Chinese company in Shanghai or Hong Kong. Try that at a neighborhood hardware store. You're out. The market doesn't tolerate people who don't contribute. It's far more relentless than socialism, except for one gigantic difference. It's voluntary. Under socialist economics, nobody volunteers but, as we know all too well, not many work either. They just want to get paid.

The old geezer's observation still holds, you know, the old geezer we used to laugh at. He said something like this: disciples of "social justice" are overaged, overspoiled, children, who expect something for nothing, and will throw violent temper tantrums if you refuse to give them what they want. An overaged child is by nature a gangster and we are ruled by gangsters now. We used to describe people who behaved like that as adults as retarded, usually with a tone of sympathy and a hope that the doctors could so something. Now we're expected to regard them as socially advanced.


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