Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dems Fear Violent Backlash--What a Joke!

Drudge has a screaming headline out just now: Dems Fear Violent Backlash.

It links to a story in Politico with the following lede:
House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer is warning that some of his Democratic colleagues are being threatened with violence when they go back to their districts — and he wants Republicans to stand up and condemn the threats.
"Since I've arrived in Canada, I've been denounced on the floor of Parliament — which, by the way, is on my bucket list — my posters have been banned, I've been accused of committing a crime in a speech that I have not yet given, I was banned by the student council, so welcome to Canada!"
I could go on with the nauseating history of stories like Coulter's, particularly across the US in the Marxist revolutionary breeding grounds otherwise known humorously as "universities." Not surprising it's reached Canada, an otherwise civilized country whose universities are also leftist concentration camps. Funny, Steny Hoyer seems not to have noticed this. Why haven't you or your party spoken out against this, Steny?

Across both countries, each and every student who enters college hoping for a degree leading to a profession is indoctrinated to hate Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians, and anyone else not vetted by The Party of Karl Marx via Gramsci and Alinsky. Why haven't you or your party spoken out against this, Steny?

Students and some outside thugs are routinely and  actively encouraged to thwart college speaking engagements featuring men and women from the right side of the aisle. But they'll brook no opposition to leftist demagogues. Leftist thugs are excused for their "activism" (read violence and intimidation) because they're just exercising their "constitutional rights." But if righties try the same tactic, they're punished, suspended, expelled, or academically humiliated by having to take "sensitivity training." What a crock. Why haven't you or your party spoken out against this, Steny?

The left has actively incited violence against their opposition since the Vietnam War. Example: here in Virginia, most of us Republicans--and this in an at least nominally Red State--don't bother to put signs supporting our candidates on our front lawns anymore. Our houses will get rolled and egged. (Or spray painted.) We don't put on bumper stickers supporting our candidates, either. The finish of our cars will be "keyed" or damaged within 48 hours max. We pay the deductibles to fix the damage and our insurance premiums go up. Why haven't you or your party spoken out against this, Steny? When was the last time your car was keyed? I thought so.

So I have to laugh, Steny, at your asinine bleating. You and your people created this violent, intimidating atmosphere to further your own ends, and you've been at it for decades. You brought it to a fine art more recently with your vile, disgusting attacks on George Bush throughout his entire presidency; and on Sarah Palin continuously, even now, right down to her kids. From the New York Times to Letterman, the filth and viciousness perpetrated against this decent woman and her family has never relented for a single minute. Why haven't you or your party spoken out against this, Steny?
As I recall, weren't Chelsea Clinton and aren't the Obama kids "off limits," dudes? What happened to that when it came to the Palin kids and the Bush twins? Why haven't you or your party spoken out against this, Steny?

Paybacks are rough, aren't they? I'd ask you if you have no shame, but that's a waste of time because no one in your party knows what shame is. There was a day when I would have sympathized with you, Steny, and when I would have wondered where all the civility had gone.

But that's all over now, Steny. And it was your guys, probably funded by Soros money, who casually threw it out the window to more easily and cheaply achieve your political ends. You know that nothing you do, including the current "health care" fiasco, makes any logical sense, so you vilify the opposition (as opposed to making cogent arguments), the press prints your cheap shots verbatim as the truth, and so you win. Don't come whining to me or the Republicans when a few of our, er, livelier members pay you guys the same favor back.

As my old man used to tell me, you can stew in your own juices. (Dad kept it clean, but I'd add a modifier before "juices.") Stick your crocodile tears in a place where the sun never shines. And what the hell kind of a name is "Steny" anyway?


Anonymous said...

Don't discount the possibilities that many, if not all, of these "threats" were paid for by someone inside the White House or Congress. This was a very popular tactic by the US government in the late 60s and early 70s.


Anonymous said...

Don't discount the possibility that these "threats" come from discretely financed provocateurs. This would be no new trick for an American administration.


Wonker, aka TerryP said...

Right you are, Bonz, and thanks for pointing this out. Evidence has continued to accrue that much of this stuff that's reported is without foundation. Meanwhile, very real physical attacks continue on Republicans and Republican facilities. But the media never bothers to report 'em, let alone get their knickers in a twist.