Monday, March 08, 2010

Juan Cole Shills for Moqtada

Minnesota Idiotarian continues to champion Islamofascists

We haven't looked at Juan Cole's ravings lately, so it's probably time to remind you of the existence of this dangerous yet risable excuse for a pundit. As you may recall, Cole is one of the many elitist dopes grinding out reliably leftist, anti-American drivel from the once great state of Minnesota, home of election fraudster and now Senator Al Franken.

Cole excels at putting up nonstop promotional material for anti-American Islamofascists. And like his pals in the MSM, he posts this propaganda as if it were truth. The goal, I guess, is to prove how we're still "hated" in the Middle East where we are doomed to lose and should. I'm not sure why this is still so important for him anymore, since Bush is long-gone from the White House. But perhaps like many leftist Dems, he's been on ideological autopilot for so long that it's become force of habit.

Cole's latest "journalistic" antics involve running a series of infomercials on his website, Informed Comment (what a joke!), geared toward pumping up the sagging rep of that Ghost of Ramadan Past, Moqtada al Sadr. You know, the anti-American "cleric" and Iranian funded stooge who's been running off at the mouth against the U.S. since the day we entered Iraq. At this point in the post-Iraq War scenario, Moqtada has about as much chance of gaining power in that country as onetime Minnesotan Harold Stassen ever did of winning the U.S. Presidency: precisely zero to none.

Yet that doesn't phase an Idiotarian. Here's one of Cole's latest breathless headlines:

Sadr Calls for Election of MPs Who will Demand immediate US Departure

There's plenty more of this stuff posted on Cole's site, including allegedly verbatim speeches by this fraudulent, phoney mullah whose only ambition, it seems, is to serve as the Revolutionary Guards' sockpuppet prime minister in Iraq. Could Moqtada or his Iranian masters be paying you to post this obvious propaganda, Juan? Or are you just stupid?

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