Sunday, March 21, 2010

Stupak Caves--War Is On

This just in from the usually reliable DC Examiner:

Rep. Bart Stupak and his gang of pro-life Democrats have signed onto a deal with the White House over abortion funding language in the bill. Stupak will announce his intention to vote for the bill at 4 p.m. The deal comes in the form of an executive order that will be signed by President Obama banning the use of federal funds for abortion.

The move should clear the way for Democrats to pass the bill later tonight.
 Elected from a usually solid Republican district that comprises the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Stupak--now an apparent sellout to his constituents who hate this bill--has maintained his seat by generally voting the will of his conservative constituents who've been willing to give his party affiliation a break. Now, it's time for them to get him out since he's cave into pressure and compromised his alleged--and their very real--opposition to Federally-funded abortions.

I've contended before and I'll say it again--the Democrats have been run by the hard, socialist, Marxist left since the early 1970s. It's increasingly obvious today. I don't want to hear from any Dem EVER AGAIN that his or her representative is "different" has always "worked for his or her constituents" and deserves re-election. Any vote for ANY Democrat is a vote for socialism, not democracy. It's a vote for state control and a vote against the individual freedoms once guaranteed by our Constitution but now, apparently passé. If you vote for a Democrat this fall, you are voting for NANCY PELOSI and in favor of state-sponsored socialism. Don't bother rationalizing. You'll deserve what you get.

Do you doubt me on this? Do you actually believe Obama's promise about the "executive order?" Try the last graf of the article we just cited:
But a pro-life Democrat who is voting against the bill and asked not to be named has warned that executive orders carry the intention of law, but not the power, and can be easily lifted. 
The Repubs may pull our fat out of the fire at the last moment, but I doubt it now. It's time to send the Democrats to the rice paddies for once and for all. If they really do have the votes to pass the health care abortion that's also known as ObamaCare, then it's time to ensure a massive defeat for them this fall and for Chief Socialist Barack Obama in 2012. Assuming any of us will be permitted to vote by then. What a tragedy for our bankrupt Republic.

I've been unemployed since July 2008, am hanging on by wit and skill, and am paying the extortionists at Anthem over $900 a month to cover my wife and myself with health insurance. The government--MY government supposedly--hasn't done a damn thing to rev the economy over all that time, the only thing that would lift all boats, encourage real business development and re-employment, and get our country moving again. Instead they want to spend even more money that we don't have to create even more Federal control over what's left of the economy, rationing health care in the process, and guaranteeing early deaths for thousands of elderly Americans each year because "it's not worth the price" to the taxpayers to save them.

On the whole, I'd rather deal with the thieves at Anthem. If I really get pissed, I can always go somewhere else. With ObamaCare, I'll ultimately have zero choice. And I'll also get to die when they decide I'm no longer worth the taxpayers' money. You, too.

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