Friday, March 19, 2010

Saving Cleveland, Part 3

Again, as a public service, we're embedding the ReasonTV series that's trying to apply creative suggestions for saving my old home town (and Drew Carey's), the old Mistake-on-the-Lake, Cleveland, Ohio. Good stuff. This  part offers suggestions for privatizing and thus energizing city-run businesses that are losing money for the city while either providing inferior services (such as the decrepit public golf courses), or not operating at top capacity.

The poster child for the latter in this video is Cleveland's West Side Market on 25th and Lorain on the near West Side. I went to high school a couple of blocks away from this institution, and still shop up there every chance I can get when I'm in town. I had no clue, however, that this vibrant institution is a drain on the city and a vexation to at least some of its many vendors who complain about the maintenance of basic services. Part of the problem, of course, is the public sector unions, something I rail against time after time as the core of what continues to destroy America. Some of the solutions proffered in this video address this issue, but not, interestingly, in a way that's really detrimental to unions. Although I sure loyal union stewards would disagree.

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