Monday, October 19, 2009

As Water Reaches the Boat Deck, California Adds More Regulations

San Franciscans must be truly idle, and ruled by a devilishly cunning imp, to be hoodwinked into squandering any of their existence rooting around in their own garbage...A more intrusive regime for the simple act of discarding something could hardly be devised. There will be...three color-coded bins into which garbage must be classified, as it is assessed for compostability and recyclability. This is more than enough to flummox the average left-coast high school grad...This government-in-your-garbage ordinance is in response to a self-inflicted wound. It is deemed necessary in order to comply with the city's self-imposed goal of 75% recycling by 2010, as a waypoint to zero waste by 2020...One consequence that was apparently not intended is how much more expedient it is to throw garbage onto the street instead of into the correct aperture in your suite of trash receptacles. Already 80% of the millions of pounds of trash on the beaches, in storm drains and rivers, is washed off the land....Compost Conserved, Lifetime Wasted, Jeremy Haddock, American Thinker, 10/19/2009

Mr. Haddock evidently doesn't understand how things work. In the world of the Left, bankruptcy and policy failure matter very little. What's important is that, as you sip chardonnay and nibble bris at the garbage dump, you feel superior. California's "politicians" would have stood at the rail on the Titanic demanding that steerage class passengers refrain from throwing deck chairs into the Atlantic to hang onto when the ship went down.


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