Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NY Tax Flight: What Raising Taxes Does

New Yorkers are fleeing the state and city in alarming numbers -- and costing a fortune in lost tax dollars, a new study shows...More than 1.5 million state residents left for other parts of the United States from 2000 to 2008, according to the report from the Empire Center for New York State Policy. It was the biggest out-of-state migration in the country...The vast majority of the migrants, 1.1 million, were former residents of New York City -- meaning one out of seven city taxpayers moved out....Tax Refugees Staging Escape from New York, Andy Soltis, NY Post, 10/27/2009

To which, "Republican" Mike Blooomberg's answer is for New York to become an open city for illegal immigrants, thus replacing taxpaying American citizens with people who serve either as cheap labor (nannies, housekeepers) for the upper middle class, or as welfare clients for the latest budget-busting program from Albany.

Obamanation is the same thing gone national.


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