Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Edolphus Towns: Countrywide Scandal's Protection Enforcer

Some big name Democratic lawmakers as well as contributors would be embarrassed and possibly liable for ethics violations if the truth about the list of "VIP's" who benefited from overly generous mortgage terms offered by Countrywide Financial ever came out...So the number one job of House Oversight and Government Reform chairman Edolphus Towns is to try and bury the issue - just as it's the number one job of the ranking minority member Darrell Issa to try and bring it out into the open...The result? When the GOP tried to force a vote on the investigation during a mark up period, the Democrats refused to show up. And now they've locked the GOP out of the Committee room entirely....Dems running scared on Countrywide scandal, Rick Moran, American Thinker, 10/21/2009

When you elect thugs, bandits, and gangsters to Congress, this is what they do. They lie, cheat, attack, steal, and in general act more like John Gotti, Sr., than representatives of the people.

That rarest of endangered species in California, a Republican, Rep. Darrell Issa,is fighting to keep this latest version of transparency in government, as in transparent lies and coverups, from vanishing from public view. Support Rep. Issa. It's not about Republicans. It's about the integrity of Congress. Try not to smile as you read that.


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