Saturday, October 24, 2009

ObamaNation2: The Cipher That Is "The One"

My previous post was a bit lengthy but I wanted to take some time to shape the field of battle. Successive posts in this area will be shorter and have more links. Except this one has only a single link because I don't really see anyone writing about this.

I told some of my closer friends last summer that I really feared the 2008 elections. While the media started out by being in the tank for Hillary, they quickly decided that candidate Barack Obama was more interesting, charismatic, and, well, a better story since electing him would "make history." They never bothered to investigate his professional background (essentially nonexistent, save for his work as a "community organizer"). Yet, paradoxically, they took the overnight red-eye to Anchorage to dumpster dive Sarah Palin, the opposing VP candidate, assassinating her character from the get-go while failing to delve more deeply into Obama, the arguably more important candidate since he was, after all, running for President rather than veep.

The result was that Obama became a "celebrity," a dude famous for being famous. It was a relief for a public who, whether they actually supported him or not, had grown tired of the George Bush they grew to know--the media built caricature who never got any credit for keeping our country safe from terrorism every single month after 9/11. Obama became a feel good vote: a young guy, a pretty good looking guy (as opposed to the old Vietnam war hero he was running against), a with-it guy, a fresh face who could easily solve all the problems we found ourselves in. In short, it became fashionable for people to vote for Obama, and unfashionable not to.

In a tawdry, media driven age, this was just the ticket. Let's elect the history-making guy which will automatically put distance between us and BushHitler. Simple, easy. Except no one knew who they were voting for. They were voting for a "community activist." A professional, radical socialist who, like Castro, hid from a gullible public and a worse media his core belief in socialism and his distaste for American capitalism. Nurtured by hardened Marxist Saul Alinsky and befriended by the Stalinist Bill Ayers (America's original, modern, home-grown terrorist), he came of age in the City of Broad Shoulders and Democrat machine-made politics.

Barack Obama is, in fact, our very own Manchurian Candidate, a cipher set up to head our government and serve as its pleasant and friendly face. He is anything but. He is a rote learner, not an intellectual. He claims to support policies but the policies are dreamt up by radicals on the Hill and in his administration. He had no stimulus plan, no medical insurance plan, nothing at all. He serves as the symbol for a radical left that's doing its best behind the scenes to eviscerate our way of life, and he stays above attack by playing the kind of race card that was, in fact, made obsolete by the very fact of his election.

Barack Obama is a very dangerous man, not in and of himself, but because of the people he's fronting for: avowed socialists all and dedicated to destroying American Exceptionalism and turning us into a third-world country where all of us depend on the government for our existence. Sober minds reading this may very well agree with me, even if they voted for Obama. True Believers will laugh and scoff. But as with much of life, just watch and learn, if you haven't done so already.

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Anonymous said...

I suspect that the article is written by a paid person to attack President Obama. USA is already in trouble, we need to be in a
more cooperative mood to get out of this bad situation. The worst kind of person is to use this time to arouse people's anger & mistrust in order to gain his own financial or political reward.