Thursday, October 22, 2009

Democrats Using Race to Obliterate Debate on Other Issues?

Democrats have continued to argue that disapproval of their agenda stems from hidden racial animosity. Claiming their critics are racists and making themselves the defenders of antiracism touches the long history of Americans treating minorities as monolithically-thinking groups that need to be cared for, rather than self-reliant individuals in communities that have a wide range of opinions...From paternalist slaveholders who treated all blacks as children, to segregationists who treated them all as criminals, to current senators who won't accept the opinion of a black businessman on energy policy because it disagrees with the NAACP, American society has rarely treated African Americans and other minorities as anything but part of a group...Democrats and the Politics of Rage

It is worth remembering a little history. The strongest supporters of the South (and slavery) in the American Civil War were Democrats. The developers of Jim Crow racial separation laws, or apartheid, were Democrats under the Wilson Administration. The floor fight for Lyndon Johnson's greatest contribution to civil rights was not led by a Democrat. It was led by a Senator from Illinois. His name was Everett Dirksen. He was a Republican who felt that the proposed civil rights law would help to complete a project begun by Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican President. You could look it up.


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