Friday, October 23, 2009

Virginia Absentee Ballots Late: Here We Go Again

The Virginia State Board of Elections is investigating why more than 10 percent of the state's local elections boards have apparently failed to comply with a new state law requiring absentee ballots be ready 45 days before an election...Sixteen of Virginia's 134 localities, which were not identified by the State Board of Elections, failed to confirm with state officials that they had made at least one of three types of ballots -- paper, e-mail, or touch-screen in-person -- available on Sept. 18, the first day of absentee voting...A federal judge ruled earlier this month that the state violated the voting rights of military and overseas voters in last year's presidential election by sending ballots without sufficient time for them to be returned on Election Day....Gaps Found in VA's Absentee Ballot Access, Sarah Abruzzese, Washington Times, 10/23/2009

In dictatorships, people are denied the vote by arresting them, killing them, or declaring their votes illegal. In Virginia, as in Minnesota and elsewhere in recent years, absentee ballots, heavily used by US military personnel, are simply delayed until the votes don't count. One suspects that if the ballots went primarily to college professors teaching in another state, that they'd be there six months in advance. Stop the cheating; and don't be fooled, voters.


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