Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NY Congressional Race: RINO Scozzafava vs. Conservative Hoffman

Politicians like far-left New York Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava who have Republican congressional nominations handed to them by local GOP poobahs sometimes turn out to be lousy candidates...New York GOP leaders could have gone with Doug Hoffman, a...successful entrepreneur of...unquestioned conservative principles. Instead, they chose Scozzafava...endorsed in years past by ACORN's Working Families Party, and who supports the Obama-Reid-Pelosi agenda across the board, including Big Labor's Card Check proposal to abolish the secret ballot in workplace representation elections...Hoffman received the Conservative Party of New York endorsement and in the last three weeks his campaign has gone from nowhere to gangbusters...Siena Research Institute's latest survey...which finds a very tight race, with Democrat Bill Owens leading at 33 percent, Scozzafava at 29 percent, and Hoffman at 23 percent...No Wonder Scozzafava Called the Cops..., Mark Tapsott, Washington Examiner, 10/21/2009

New York is plagued by a fake two-party system. Republicans become that way by label changes about as subtle as the old Detroit annual model change. Make identical chassis. Call one a Chevy, another a Buick, another a Cadillac. Mike Bloomberg? A Democrat who changed parties to become Mayor. George Pataki? If you can tell the difference between wildly irresponsible spending under his administration and that of Gov. Paterson, let us know. In upstate and western New York, there still distinctions, but, as in this election, every effort is made to turn all heads in the same direction. Doug Hoffman is a real conservative, and is making this a very unique election in New York State. Hey, even the sainted Fiorello LaGuardia was a socialist.


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