Friday, October 23, 2009

What Kills More, Medicare, or No Insurance?

Democrats, and their media sock puppets, have shamelessly exploited highly questionable estimates of uninsured shoehorn the entire population into ...a government-run health care system -- on steroids...They cite an exaggerated claim that 45,000 Americans die each year because they don't have health insurance. That figure comes from a study funded by your federal tax dollars, even though it was recently distributed to the media by Physicians for a National Health Program, a fringe, pro single-payer group based in Chicago...By contrast, a comprehensive study of over 35,000,000 acute care records over a...three-year period concludes that preventable medical mistakes actually cause a similar number of deaths in the government-run Medicare by HealthGrades concludes that '224,537 Medicare lives could have potentially been saved during 2006 through 2008' if all hospitals across the country had performed at the quality of care levels of its top-ranked facilities...Yet why aren't the Democrat demagogues braying about a "holocaust" in government-run Medicare?...45,000 Uninsured Deaths? William Tate, American Thinker, 10/23/2009

Because it's their program, of course. In the harmonized political environment of Obama's Washington, it's only the other guy, especially in private industry, who's at fault. So what if there are a quarter of a million corpses buried under the White House lawn? Wise up. The public option is all about forcing you to die their way.


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