Thursday, October 29, 2009

Health 'Care' Bill Ceremony Bars Public: More 'Open' Government

House Democrats blocked the public from attending the unveiling ceremony of their health-care bill Thursday morning, allowing only pre-approved visitors whose names appeared on lists to enter the event at the West side of the Capitol...The audience at the crowded press conference included Hill staffers, union workers, health care providers and students, according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who thanked them for attending...House Democratic bill ceremony closed to public, Kara Rowland, Washington Times, 10/29/2009

Actually, those invited were the only likely beneficiaries of the health 'care' bill, AKA the Tax the Middle, Abandon the Old bill. You didn't expect to be in on this party, did you? Neither you nor most Representatives and Senators will read the bill, either. That's by intention. Open government at its finest -- that's how it would be described by Hugo Chavez.


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