Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Doug Hoffman Speaks: NYS 23rd Congressional District

Two weeks ago, political observers noticed a poll from New York’s 23rd congressional district that showed the liberal candidate fading fast and the conservative candidate gaining faster. This is the resurgence Republicans have been hoping for!...Unfortunately, the Republican party had nominated the liberal candidate. The conservative candidate is running against both the Republican party and the Democratic party...Isn’t that a good metaphor for the state in which conservatives find themselves?...How Quickly Things Change, Paul Hoffman, Conservative Candidate for Congress, NYS 23rd CD, National Review, 10/27/2009

It sure is, Mr. Hoffman. Ask any Tea Partyer. Either the national party is trying to take credit for what they won't do themselves, or they're horning in by making "modernizing" or "mainstreaming" selections of candidates. All this writer can say is "go, Doug, go!"


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