Friday, October 09, 2009

Nobel for Obama: You have GOT to be kidding!

There's no need for a weblink on this post. By now, anyone who has any contact with what passes for news these days knows that the Nobel Prize Committee, in its infinite wisdumb, has awarded this year's Nobel Peace Prize to none other than The One, U.S. President Barack Obama.

In case you could never quite believe that the non-science Nobel awards (i.e., Peace Prize, Literature Prize) are almost always based on the prize winner's association with socialism, you can now rest easy. This year's Peace Prize has been awarded to a man who, quite literally, has had:
  • no actual career
  • no accomplishments
  • no foreign policy victories
  • no domestic victories
  • only 9 months in office, and
  • no effect on the real world at all to date, unless you count the negative return of his Chicago Olympics pitch, smashed down by the IOC the very next day
Or unless you credit his election as President last year as an accomplishment.

But even that's a stretch if you think about it. It would be tough to lose against a guy, in this post-TV era, who looks old enough to be your great-grandfather tethered to a vice-presidential running mate doomed from the get-go by a massive smear campaign engineered by the greatest slander artists of our time.

Add to this a near 100%, 24/7 PR campaign mounted by the massive media combine, the East Coast Liberal Establishment, all professors, all unions, nearly all of Hollywood, and George Soros' endless fountain of money, and you have an electoral train that's incapable of being stopped.

Eight years of mindless and endless Bush hatred on the part of the elites only further greased the skids in Obama's favor. An unknown space alien could have one last year's election with this kind of backing. Wait a minute--isn't that exactly what happened?

The utter worthlessness of the Nobel Peace Prize is now fully exposed in case most of you haven't figured this out. This year's prize was not awarded on the basis of any accomplishments at all. If you think about it, actually, the award wasn't even for Obama. It was for the American people who, after their lunatic years supporting Nixon, Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II, have finally come to their senses. They've elected a true, unreconstructed socialist fully acceptable to our betters, Europe's smug, upper class elites. It was a symbolic thing. America has finally grown up and come to its senses. And the Nobel Eurocrats have vetted it so it must be so.

Europe can now relax, secure in the knowledge that Americans have seen the light and will allow a socialist government to take over their lives, ruin their economy, and leave themselves to the tender mercies of any oil or nuclear-armed foe who chooses to dictate their future. To hell with rugged individualism, self-sufficiency, and brash, cowboy diplomacy where the guys in the red, white, and blue hats are always the good guys. We can at last join the Euros and hang our heads in collective post-colonialist shame and helplessness.

That's the way the Euros have lived pretty much since the dawn of the 20th century. And it's what the Eurocrats have always wanted for us. It's always pissed them off that their own rejects sailed over here and built a much better country based on freedom of opportunity, not class structure. Now maybe we can just accept our fate as yet another has-been empire.

And it is for this that a grateful Nobel Committee has awarded Barack Obama its now entirely meaningless Surrender Prize. Disgusting. But somehow, not much of a surprise.

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