Sunday, December 06, 2009

Al Gore: Eejit

As we near the opening of the upcoming Copenhagen "global warming" fraud-fest, we hear that its patron saint, Al Gore, will be avoiding as much open public contact as possible, no doubt to dodge unwanted questions on the "inconvenient truth" surrounding the recently exposed hoax now known as ClimateGate.

The character of this dim bulb of an elitist is perhaps best summed up in one word: idiot. For which characteristic we enjoyed substituting the more colorful Irish pronunciation in our headline. No matter what anyone says about Bush, W saved us from having to endure minimum of four years of Gore's ponderous, misinformed, elitist tediousness and condescension in the White House.

The MSM, for its part, has taken great pains to hide his almost unbelievable hypocrisy from us. One example: as Gore and his acolytes tell us to turn down our thermostats and use less toilet paper, neither he nor anyone else currently residing with him at his Tennessee mega-mansion, much bothers to take heed of the unsolicited and unwanted advice he dishes out:
After all his whining about the dangers of fossil fuels and coal-powered electricity plants, and after assuring us we can be “carbon free” by paying attention to “where we set the thermostat, [and] keeping [our] a/c and furnace filters clean,” Gore’s 2006 utility bills for his Nashville home topped $30,000.

His home energy use was literally 20 times the national average.
More here.

I knew that this sort of thing was going on, but I had no idea how over-the-top it was. (We're not even going to begin talking about the private jet over-use.)

By comparison, Mrs. Wonker and myself had an electric bill (our house is all-electric) of approximately $1100 last year, a mere 4% more or less of what the genius from Nashville consumes.  Right, our townhouse is only about 1600 square ft in area, but then again, who's got the more "progressive" carbon footprint, me or Algore? Just a little something to think about before the Copenhagen circus begins.

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