Sunday, December 20, 2009

Blizzard Hits Nice, France!

Well, not really. But it did actually snow yesterday at this popular Mediterranean resort town.

 A new Ice Age coming?? I suspect not yet at least. At a time when "global warming" has finally been discredited, we now have the opportunity to step back a little bit and get rational again. "Climate change" is a constant, not a one-time catastrophe inexorably headed in one direction. The climate will get warmer for awhile. It will get cooler for awhile. That's the way it has always been. Human activities do probably influence this by a tiny percentage, but not any more than that.

We should resolve in the new year to  forget about obsessing over phony issues like "global warming which, at base, are really geared toward income transfers from wealthy nations to poorer ones. Rather, we should look for ways to reduce energy costs and continue to develop viable alternatives to currently favored fuels--more as a way of re-securing our energy independence. And rather than exporting money to poorer countries--which will only end up in the hands of the same kleptocrats who are stealing it now--we should endeavor to show them how they, too, can become wealthy on their own. I'm not sure you'll see these notions in the latest AP dispatch. But someone has to start saying this. Otherwise the whole "global warming" charade, hopefully put to rest at the failed Copenhagen conference, will rear its ugly head again, and soon.

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