Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Global Warming" vs. "Climate Change": Words Matter

Here's the quick terminology followup I promised you in HazZzMat two blog entries ago.

I've long crusaded against the "global warming" hoax. As with a variety of other positive-sounding, utopian lefty crusades, this one has used propaganda and weird science to promote, as an aberration, something that's been happening since our planet was spun out of the big-bang: global warming. In cycles ranging from dozens to hundreds to thousands to millions of years, our planet has warmed and cooled due to a variety of factors--often (and perhaps now) due to unpredictable solar cycles over which we have zero control.

"Global warming" has simply served as a simplistic term that's been used as a cudgel by socialist elites attempting to create mass fear. This, in turn, will allow them to "solve" an artificial problem by extracting more of our income and distributing it to themselves and their friends.

When the "science" behind "global warming" was recently exposed as a long-running fraud, the deviously clever wordsmiths of the left, began to alter the terminology describing it. They repositioned "global warming" as "climate change."

Without skipping a beat, the Washington Post featured this new terminology on its front page.

Why "climate change?" Lefty propagandists quickly decided that "global warming" as a term had become toxic to Party dogma. So they are retaining the dogma but are shifting how it's described. The intention is to diminish the negative effect of their scientific fraud by disguising it as something else.

"Climate change" is a potential master stroke. "Global warming" as a purely man-made phenomenon can and has been discredited. "Climate change" CAN'T be discredited because it's always happening and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. So, in a bizarre way, the indefensible science described by "global warming" can be re-armored by re-describing it as "climate change" which is in and of itself virtually impossible to refute.

A good magician will always acknowledge that his hand is "quicker than the eye." The Marxist left, employing the arcane but useful tools of semiotics, has historically shown real genius in its ability to cover its dirty tricks with verbal sleights-of-hand. The conservative to libertarian right has never fully appreciated how this has gradually worked to displace traditional American narratives with false but widely propagated socialist narratives. But HazZzMat does. It's the original reason we came to be. And we'll continue to call out the WaPo and anyone else when they try to get away with this stuff.

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