Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Australian Parliament Defeats Cap & Trade

Australia's plans for an emissions trading system to combat global warming were scuttled Wednesday in Parliament, handing a defeat to a government that had hoped to set an example at international climate change talks next week...The Senate...rejected his administration's proposal for Australia to become one of the first countries to install a so-called cap-and-trade system to slash the amount of heat-trapping pollution that industries pump into the air....Australia's Parliament Defeats Global Warming Bill, Yahoo News, 12/2/2009

The resignation of five ministers in Australia last week, which followed on the revelations that "climate change" reports from the UN's IPCC and from Britain's CRU in East Anglia were based on falsified data, and this defeat in Parliament of Australia's cap and trade bill, may mark the Midway battle in the fight against the Greens' efforts to destroy the industrial economy. Like Midway, it's not entirely certain to be a complete victory. Like Midway, however, it looks like a turning point.


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