Saturday, December 05, 2009

NYC Raspberries for Holder's Idiotarianism

Okay, the demo wasn't huge as such things go. And the East Coast's cold, blustery, and ultimately snowy day didn't help the turnout.

But the very fact that a decent-sized group respectable New Yorkers organized the first of what could be many demonstrations against AG Eric Holder's beyond-stupid, ideology-driven decision to treat Khalid Sheikh Mohammed--the driving force behind the 9/11 plot against the Twin Towers and the Pentagon--like a Bronx drug dealer signifies. As does their unassailable logic:
Several passionate speakers shared the podium, among them close relatives of 9/11 victims and a surviving firefighter from the first-response teams dispatched to the World Trade Center. They all voiced their disgust at how the administration is handling KSM with gloves of moral priggishness. And they also urged the demonstrators to leave no political stone unturned and to buttonhole their representatives until they take responsibility for this disgrace.
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