Saturday, December 05, 2009

...and Speaking of Ohio...

Re: our previous post, Ohio is not entirely without hope. The capable and personable John Kasich may try to wrest the governorship from the Dems next year.

But wait. There's more. A newish blog suddenly to our wondering eyes has appeared that offers a welcome Conservative perspective to the state's hapless, and, we hope, increasingly disgruntled voters. It's called "Right Ohio," and we're adding it to our growing Good Guys list, located, ironically, in the column to the left of this entry.

That's just below the Google Ads we've started up again here in a desperate attempt to bolster our own bottom line here at HazZzMat.

Anyhow, a hearty Christmas greeting to the folks writing for "Right Ohio."

(We'll actually be visiting friends in Toledo and Cleveland over the holidays, BTW.)


Matt N. said...

Thank you!

Wonker, aka TerryP said...

Right one, dude, and keep up the good work. Ohio needs to wake up, and you guys are the ones who can do it.