Sunday, December 20, 2009

Union-Bashing at the NY Times

The People's Publishing Paradise of New York City, aka the New York Times, has struck another blow for the proletariat. Their news service is canning their unionized News Service operation and outsourcing it to a non-union shop in the sunny south:
The New York Times News Service will lay off at least 25 editorial employees next year and will move the editing of the service to a Florida newspaper owned by The New York Times Company....The plan for the news service calls for The Gainesville Sun, whose newsroom is not unionized and has lower salaries, to take over editing and page design.
From Don Luskin's Conspiracy to Keep You Poor and Stupid, with a hat tip to the indespensible Times Watch site. Click the link for the rest of this story.

With the media elites, it's always the same old story, do as I say, not as I do. Since I reached the age of political consciousness many years ago, I've never known it to fail. The real enemies of the working class are rich, elite, drippingly liberal Democrats. They oppress the average Joe daily while blaming the heartless Republicans. But in every election cycle, the oppressed workers invariably vote for their real oppressors, the rich, elite Democrats who beat them down. I will never, ever figure this out.

BTW, time to add Luskin and Times Watch to the Good Guys list. Luskin is prickly and has a few enemies to be sure. But his greatest skill is his uncanny and relentless ability to unmask the deceitful hard-left "economist" Paul Krugman. Krugman's Marxist baloney is much favored at the New York Times where he's a valued columnist, which pretty much supports my early comments about this Marxist organization that's run by wealthy elites. But Luskin blows Krugman's cover every time.

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