Friday, December 04, 2009

Obama's Surge

A belated comment on the Prez' speech a couple of nights ago, outlining his "decisive" approach to the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan. He failed to impress is West Point audience, which I am told had to be virtually ordered to be polite. (These young warriors know the kind of Commander-in-Chief they've got, and they're not happy about it.) And frankly, he failed to impress me--mainly due to his Cloud Cuckoo-land approach, typical of Marxist academic types who try to impose their fantasy-visions on a world they're not familiar with.

To wit, the very idea of giving a relatively firm deadline for withdrawing his "surge" (which wasn't as much as General McChrystal had asked for) is the kind of stupidity that the Bushies never caved into in spite of a 24/7 onslaught by the media. Telling the enemy when you're going to withdraw allows him to plan a careful withdraw-and-go-hide scenario. The Taliban and Al Qaeda will simply do what they tried to do in Iraq--disappear when the Marines are in town and reappear when they've left. How dumb is that?

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