Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Michigan Rep. Candace Miller Fights Cap-and-Tax

Praise from the ever-vigilant Right Michigan for a local Republican rep, apparently a RINO in many instances but right-on when it comes to battling cap-and-trade in a state that will be devastated by this kind of legislation.

In a guest editorial in the Detroit News, Rep. Candace Miller calls the arrogant EPA regulation threat and the cowardly Democrat leadership's response to it just the way she sees it:
If the House [cap-and-trade] bill were passed, the National Association of Manufacturers projects 2.4 million net jobs would be lost. The federal government's Energy Information Administration projects 2.3 million net jobs would be lost.
No wonder a job-killing plan like cap-and-trade has stalled in Congress.
The EPA move apparently is designed to force congressional action. Sen. Dick Durbin, the second ranking Democrat in the Senate, chillingly said in response to the EPA announcement, "If we don't come up with a reasonable way to reduce CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions working with business and labor and interest groups, then we may face decisions by the EPA which are very tough on a lot of people."
In other words: Either enact legislation that we know will destroy millions of jobs or the EPA will destroy even more.

And furthermore,
There are enough questions about the potentially flawed science on which these decisions are being based to suggest we should be very hesitant before leaping off the cliff. The inconvenient truth is whatever action we take, cap and trade or EPA regulation, will cost millions of jobs.
We need a lot more of this kind of political spine to fight off the Democrats' drive toward a ruinous Socialist World State. Read the rest of this great editorial here.

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