Sunday, December 06, 2009

It's Fun to be a Democrat (and Profitable, Too!)

The Right Ohio blog blares the following self-explanatory headline:

Remember Olivia Alair, the Ohio Spokesbabe for the Obama Campaign that Voted Illegally in Franklin County?

You can guess the rest:
She is now making the big bucks at the Department of Transportation.
In the Democrat party, voter fraud is quite profitable.
Yeah, it is.

Meanwhile, up on the Hill, the Senate is looking into "probing" Nevada Republican Senator John Ensign's messy affair. But we get stony silence from Senate moralists about Dem Senator Max Baucus' own dilly-dallying with an aide prior to trying to nominating her to a plum US Attorney opening--a bit closer to a hangin' offense in my opinion. Both affairs were (are?) immoral, but Baucus' is unethical. Like Olivia Alair, however, being a Democrat is never having to say you're sorry. (Except for being a US citizen.)

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