Sunday, December 06, 2009

Are You Unemployed???

Well, if you're outta work (like Mr. and Mrs. Wonker) or a former CEO stocking shelves 2 hours a week at Home Depot, you might THINK you're unemployed. But think again after watching this jolly video:

Even with this week's allegedly big drop from 10.2% to 10% in the allegedly real unemployment rate (which I'll believe when I see the revised figures next month), all this good fortune may not have caught up with you yet. Further, the "unemployment rate" doesn't count those who are underemployed (like our conjectural CEO above) or who've just plain given up looking. If you actually count these folks, too, the real unemployment rate is closer to 17.2% at last estimate. But neither the Feds nor the media want you to know this, because you might blame Pelosi, Reid, and "The One" for collectively impersonating Herbert Hoover.

Worse still, their so-called "stimulus bill" has hardly had any effect on unemployment at all since it was geared toward protecting public employees union jobs that overtaxed locals couldn't pay for. And because the bulk of its actual, rather pitiful "stimulus" spending was cleverly deferred until 2010 so jobs would pick up a bit next spring and summer, just in time for Democrat incumbents to crow about the "improvement" and demand re-election as a reward. If you lose your house in the meantime, who cares? Remember that when these calculating clowns ask for your vote next fall.

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