Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Back to the 70s: Global Cooling in Canada?

The multiple frosts that have blanketed Western Canada in the last week are the most widespread in the top canola-growing province of Saskatchewan in at least five years, the Canola Council of Canada said on Tuesday....Canada Frosts the Most Widespread in Recent Memory, Rod Nickel,, 6/10/2009

Could this be the reason for the “buy American” phrase in the Stimulus, to punish Canada for having cold weather as we approach summer, and this to defy all the official truths about global warming? If so, New Yorkers had better watch out. This year, at June 10, New York has yet to have more than one or two days above 80 degrees -- one of the coolest springs in a generation. The first week in June temperatures dipped into the 40s. Can punishment of New York be far behind?

Nobody would notice, most likely. With New York's Senate chamber currently locked by the Democrats, who just lost control of the legislative body in a so-far bloodless coup, more punishment wouldn't make Page Six in the Post. Besides, there's so much hot air coming out of the State House in Albany that they probably think Al Gore underestimated.


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Realtor in Toronto said...

Looks like the Global warming activist have done such a good job at protesting and being annoying with all that Global warming crap that our planet just had enough of it and started to cool down...haha. I'd love to see Al Gore's face if this cooling trend continues.

Take care, Elli