Friday, June 05, 2009

Democrat DOJ: As Long As You Vote For Us, You're a Citizen

The Justice Department banned Georgia from using a system to verify that voter registrants are U.S. citizens, saying it discriminated against racial minorities. In doing so, the Justice Department overruled a local election decision for just the second time since Mr. Obama took office, in this case by ruling on the side of those who want to expand voter access and against Georgia lawmakers who said voter fraud was the bigger danger...Justice Departments Shifts on Voting, Ben Conery, Washington Times, 6/4/2009

Expect more of this. Expect more legalized exposure of our voting process to manipulation by non-American voters, such as has been occurring for almost a decade in California by Mexican illegals encouraged to vote in California elections. “Preserve, protect and defend” apparently doesn't include the notion that citizens should decide who gets elected, not lawyers, nor voters from another country.


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