Monday, June 29, 2009

Wonker's Great Recession Update

Since I've been on one of my customary lengthy hiatuses lately (correct plural of that?), I haven't had a chance to give our millions of readers an update on my slow crawl out of last fall's financial disaster--a disaster I have shared, alas, with an awful lot of my fellow citizens. Particularly aging Boomers who've found their 401(k)s rather handily eviscerated by speculators and so-called market pros.

I'm happy to report better news today and will relay it in the next two posts. First a recap of The Great Recession at this point in time. Next, an update on my improving portfolio. Later today or this week, a little unsolicited advice to our investing fans who must keep in mind that while I was once an actual stockbroker, I'm no longer licensed. So take everything I say with a grain of salt. Or how did Mark Twain say it in "Huckleberry Finn?" Anyone finding a moral in this book will be shot. Or something like that.

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