Friday, June 19, 2009

Governor Palin: Wrong Kind of Feminist Outcome?

Something about Sarah Palin arouses a particularly strong reaction. Liberals attack her children, say grotesquely sexist things about her, embrace wacky conspiracy theories about her [1] faking a pregnancy, and insult every woman in America when they suggest [2] she can’t be a good mother and a politician, too...why does this lady produce such a big hubbub?... Sarah Palin represents a totally different style of woman: the conservative feminist. She’s had a successful career, raised a big family, and has done it all without aborting an “inconvenient” child or carping about men keeping her down. The idea that Sarah Palin could become the new role model for feminism terrifies liberals, and it inspires them to ramp up the artillery barrage of malignity that they typically launch at conservative women ...Why They Hate Sarah Palin, John Hawkins, American Thinker, 6/18/2009

John Hawkins of American Thinker hits the proverbial nail with this piece, which you should examine at the link. Governor Palin and Michael Steel should get together and talk about a common problem. They're both defined by federal bureaucrats as members of protected classes (women and black men) and both are being widely rejected by MSM and by Democrats and their bottom-feeding commentators (or creep “comics” like David Letterman) because they've not accepted the Left's answer to their problems, i.e., to bow to the membership committee of the Democratic National Committee and cry racism and sexism on every corner.

It's about as difficult a challenge to be a conservative woman or black man in national politics today as it is for a black man to find a research position at an Ivy League physics lab. In a discussion of race and gender, this is becoming a far more relevant line of attack than chatting up Congressional committee members and lawyers about the revival of American apartheid. The practitioners of apartheid these days are on the Left.



Wonker said...

Don't have much to add to Luther's comments except "Amen." I am wondering why some enterprising lawyer on the right doesn't raise the "hate crime" issue and use it effectively to put a little fear into the hearts of the lefties who routinely slander Palin and already have the knives out for Bobby Jindal and any other potentially attractive Republican candidate who might effectively counter the lefties.

What we see here has nothing to do with feminism. It's Stalinism, pure and simple, and routinely practiced by the left with no effective checks and balances from the media at all. They've all become lapdogs in the service of the Stalinists.

The whole political system in this country increasingly looks like its run by the "popular kids" in a high school clique. Has the same intellectual undertone as well.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it's feminist hysteria.


Lillian Rearden