Monday, June 15, 2009

Democrat Revenge: Bankrupting everything except welfare programs?

If we continue with all other government programs in operation today and raise the taxes to pay for Medicare, plus Medicaid—the health program for low-income folks—the Congressional Budget Office estimates a middle-income family by the middle of this century will have to pay two-thirds of its total income in federal taxes....Tax Tsunami, Taif Trussell, Front Page Magazine, 6/15/2009

This disturbing article on Front Page Magazine should be read in its entirety. Policy from Washington's one-party government no longer reflects, not even remotely, reality. What one has to do, though, is to follow the money. It all trails back to what is becoming a transparent plot to immobilize a free economy, to ban all risk, to penalize all success and its accompanying profit, and to reduce the United States to a pathetic, over-sized Sweden. We will not be able to afford to defend our borders or anything else except transfer diminishing income to dependents of the Federal Government.

In Poland, the final response in the 1980s was a general strike, a refusal to produce goods and services by working people who got nothing but the Party's congratulations and diluted government services. In the USSR, the economy shifted to where the only reliable supply of the wide diversity of goods in the West was the black market. This was is what a command economy creates. The cost in Poland and the USSR was bankruptcy and, ultimately, social and political revolution.

As the core of the world's economy, what will happen as we continue to follow the same path? And why aren't they asking these questions in Congress, where men and women are supposed to represent the people of the United States?


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Wonker said...

See previous entry and comment. An ignorant electorate, finally accepting the nonstop smears against the Bush Administration, voted for a "change" that the MSM never explained to them. And, lacking curiosity, logic, or insight, that electorate just decided they were angry and pulled the Democrat levers, the desired result of a party that depends on citizen ignorance to grease the skids of socialism.

Problem for the Dems--there are enough oldsters in the electorate that are waking up, and they may not have the cakewalk they're looking for in 2010.