Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A Note on Judge Sotomayor

Give it up, fellas. Every group, Jews, Irish, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, African-Americans, Chinese, French, Japanese, Koreans, Kenyans, Egyptians, and, in discrete moments, Germans and Italians, thinks it's better than anyone else, that its point of view is more sophisticated, that its culture is more advanced. If you're going to get anywhere with discussions regarding Judge Sotomayor, you're going to have to ask more complicated questions, such as “what do you think it means to be an American living under one constitution and one law, and how would that obtain with your decisions on the nation's highest court?”

Besides, as Rush has pointed out, Judge Sotomayor is also a Roman Catholic, not to mention a mother, and nobody (to the great distress of the abortion-on-demand crowd) knows where she stands on those subjects.

Stick to asking her the questions which you would use to inquire of any judge's competence to step up to the big stage in the Supreme Court. You might be surprised. The writer hopes to be.


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