Monday, June 15, 2009

The State as the Only Arbiter of Truth and Life?

In a closely reasoned article for The Chronicle of Higher Education (August 9, 2007), Gadi Taub cogently argued that the European valorization of “institutions that transcend the nation-state” is, in essence, “a liberal assault on nationalism [that] is beginning to look like an assault on the principle of [consensual] government,” since such institutions “exercise great influence, even jurisdiction, over people and peoples who have little or no democratic control over them.” Presided over by a commanding administrative-technocratic deity, which is to say, an alpha class of “experts,” bureaucrats, technocrats and policy-makers who embody what they have determined to be the Collective Will, this new dispensation rides roughshod over the autonomous will of nations and the rights of the individual citizen. In Europe, the elect are no longer elected...As a result, the idea and practice of what we might call 'post-liberalism,' extending the mantle of a presumably benign protectiveness over its constituents, threatens to become a new kind of tyranny...The TransNational Mantle, David Solway, Front Page Magazine, 6/15/2009

Solway's article is one you should read in its entirety at the link. This writer has, for years, suggested that the ultimate form of liberalism is like the medeaval church, a totally oppressed life, where politics is restricted to the maze of the high church bureaucracy, and where unelected lords dictate how and where individuals may live and work. In a more modern version of the 21st century, the technological superstate, which embraces all nations in the vision of the Left, also tells you how long you can live, how many children you can have, and what opinions are permissible.

The medeaval church at least proceeded under the notion that it was fulfilling the will of God. Today's neo-medeavalism operates under a radically different idea, that there is no word of God, that there is only the ruling of a remote bureaucracy, executed by its figurehead, whether a police officer, a governor, or a president. Other human beings, in other words, basing their assumption on the acquisition of paper credentials and very little else, take it upon themselves to act as if they were Creation itself.

In such an order, of course, comprising human beings, expediency of the ruling elite is all that matters. Between human beings there is no provable absolute in politics, culture or anything else.

But, in a transnational superstate, personal opinions are an offense. A person and his or her ideas exist at the whim of a bureaucrat. We've been down this road before.

Fight back.


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